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Upscale Vehicle Importing

Safe, Secure Importation of Luxury Vehicles from the US

See the Car at the Top of the Page?

It could be yours. It is just one of several that I have purchased in the US and brought to Canada. Why do so many people want to do this? Consider these reasons:

Selection ...... Condition ........ Availability ....... Price

I provide services only to those buyers who are prepared to retain someone to meticulously look after every detail including: the dealer's unwillingness to sell you a vehicle, vehicle identification and verification, recourse from state agencies, border crossing issues, manufacturers' roadblocks, insurance glitches, transportation challenges, exchange of funds, and the myriad of red tape that comes with importing a vehicle into Canada.

Having trouble with your BMW, Audi, Lexus, Toyota, Acura or similar upscale vehicle and not knowing if you can safely purchase it and get it into Canada?
It is now more difficult than ever as manufacturers put measures in place to eliminate movement of cars from the US into Canada. 

Here are some of the cars I have imported from the US.

Brand Year Condition
 Audi S8  2007  New
 Lexus RX350 FWD       2007  CPO
 Porsche  Boxster  2002  Pristine
 Audi TT  2001  Pristine
 Grumman Step Van  1963  Hey its 44 yrs old!
 Lexus RX 330 AWD  2004  Excellent
 Nissan Xterra  2002  Excellent

Update Jan 1, 2008: There are hundred of vehicles
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in storage at the US border that cannot be imported! Don't be one of those "unlucky" owners!

I will help you to find the right vehicle with the right options at the right price. I will guide you through the process of safely, securely purchasing and transporting your vehicle to Canada including:

Obtaining Undisputed Ownership Rights
   I protect you against:
 border stoppages
   buying a vehicle owned wholly or partially by someone else
transferring funds without ownership confirmation

Being Adequately Insured 

   catastrophic events

   process of bringing the vehicle into Canada


   ensuring the vehicle can leave the US

Canadian Inspections

   making the car registrable in Canada

Guarantees of Quality
   vehicle condition
   past ownership

   from owner to you
   bonded, licensed
   best rates anywhere
   covered, uncovered

This could be you!
The Grumman arrived safely and in good running order and we picked it up on Friday.  She is now in and looking pretty glorious for her age. I am a 100% happy with the purchase and can't thank you enough for your tireless efforts to bring her into Canada.

Bruce Wilson - Architect

Get the right vehicle with the right options at the right price!

Call or email now to find out how I can help you to get your next vehicle.


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